Not just a PTO

“Quality public schools are schools where the parents in the neighborhood are getting involved. And when parents in the neighborhood get involved, that creates a social network and social capital that builds a strong neighborhood.”[1]

Do you know why we are called Sato Elementary Community Organization? Because as an emerging community we want to emphasize that we're building something new here. We're creating a new identity along with the new school. We can make our own traditions that reflect our families and bring something unique to the Bethany and Beaverton area but we need you to be involved.  As a non-profit organization whose sole purpose is to support our children and teachers, we are legally required to have a board to oversee fundraising and expenditures.  We also need volunteers to run these programs, events, and fundraisers.  As we roll out our events calendar and volunteer opportunities in the coming weeks, please consider what time and talents you can provide.  (All board positions could use someone to apprentice this year to prepare for the next, and we especially need a secretary for meeting minutes and social media.)


[1] Badger, Emily. (June 14, 2017).  “Public Schools Good for People without Kids Too.” The Pacific Standard