Sato's Destination Imagination

by Pallavi Pande

This year at Sato, we had 2 teams participating in Destination Imagination. DI is a global educational nonprofit whose mission is to engage participants in project-based challenges that are designed to build confidence and develop extraordinary creativity, critical thinking, communication, and teamwork skills.

Team 1) - “Sato Raccoon Marvell Avengers” participated in the non-competitive K-2nd grade category for this year’s Destination Imagination. The team consisted of 9 very energetic kids (1 Kinder, 5 First Graders and 3 Second graders), who had to build a life-size pop-up book and incorporate it into a play with fictional and non-fictional characters, as well as creative choice elements. The kids wrote a script that involved 7 pokemon characters visiting the White house, where they meet 2 greedy Presidents who steal their money. The Presidents used their army to imprison the pokemon; but the clever pokemon use their super powers to defeat the Presidents.

The kids made a White House model pop out of their book, to serve as the backdrop of the play; and even came up with some charming poetry to show off their creative skills! 

Kindergarten – Arjun
First Grade – Harrison, Kylo, Ryker, Jing, Rhea
Second Grade – Ashrith, Karna, Kaavya 

Team 2) - Team "DI Dudes" participated in their very first Destination Imagination regional tournament on March 2nd. The challenge they picked for this year was "Monster Effect" - it was a structural challenge, where the team had to not only build a structure which weighs less than 170 grams but also hold as much weight as possible. As part of this challenge, they also had to come up with a story incorporating a special/sudden appearance of the monster. The team worked really hard - learned skills like cutting, sand papering and gluing wood, programming an arduino board using scratch, making their own props and costumes and wrote their own original screen play. 

The final structure they built for the tournament weighed 68 grams and held 300 pounds. Though not all things went the way the team had planned for during the tournament, they still pulled it through and put on a good show. After a long exhausting day, the kids were thrilled to learn that they won the 2nd place in this challenge and were qualified for the state tournament. What a way to finish their day!!! Go Sato!