Commissioner Treece Comes to Sato

Commissioner Comes to Sato
By Prakruthi R.
From Ms. Rodgers’ class   

On Wednesday, April 10th, the Washington County Commissioner, Commissioner Treece, came to Sato Elementary to speak to 3rd grade.

She came because 3rd grade was learning about the local government for Social Studies. All the children asked her different questions about her job in the local government as a Commissioner.

Some children asked her questions about if she was involved into situations like recycling and garbage. She was. She told them that she is trying to help convince more and more people into recycling.

She says she also plays a part in things like the police department in Washington County. I asked a 3rd grader named Matthew about what was the most interesting thing that Commissioner Treece talked about. He said, “One of her main goals is to help homeless people in our community.” She is trying to build more houses around town.

We learned a lot about the local government from Commissioner Treece.

Commissioner Treece and social studies government unit                      
By Juliet Beachy
from Mrs. Wolfsehr’s class

Commissioner Treece is a Commissioner from the government and works as a Washington county commissioner. She visited our 3rd grade class room because we started social studies and our unit is the about the government. When she came we learned that she took care of the trash, clean water services, and the county parks. She also went to college and taught high as a PE and health teacher. She grew up in Oregon too. She also taught us about some transportation like trains, cars, and bikes. She said that she uses a car usually but on sunny and warm days she rides her social studies we learned about the tree different branch which are the judicial wing, executive branch and legislative branch. he executive branch has the president, governors and mayors. the legislative branch does the laws, and the judicial branch are the judges that work in court. And that is most of what I’ve learned so far in social studies.