Sato's Got Talent! Our First Talent Show

By: Nathan C.
- 4th Grade

Sato’s first talent show. Where kids from kindergarten to 5th grade performed their talents. It was held on March 7th, 2019. 100 people auditioned for the show. Only 38 got in. If you attended the show, you know how great the performances were. There was a ton of variety in the show, such as solving a Rubik's Cube in under 2 minutes while on a hoverboard, singing, dancing, martial arts, rapping, gymnastics, and many more. 

I was one of the performers in the show. To prepare, I had to memorize and practice the lyrics at home, and then audition. Once I got in, I kept practicing, and memorizing the lyrics, and going to the dress rehearsal, which was like the real show, without as much pressure. Once that was done, I had to keep practicing at home until the day of the talent show finally came. Before you go on stage, it’s nerve-wracking to be waiting and waiting and waiting until it’s your turn. Finally, it was my performance. While the spotlight’s in your face, you know that a ton of people are watching you, and so you’re just hoping not to mess up, and not embarrass yourself in front of the audience. You get pumped with adrenaline, and you get ready. When you do it, and finish,  you feel a sense of pride wash over you, and just be happy that you did it, wow!  

Special thanks to Ms. Rodgers and Mrs. Curl who helped with this and the kids who also helped out. The talent show was a huge success. Seeing the performances were great. Hopefully, since this was great, we’ll have another one next year.