Read Across America Week

We’re a book-loving family, so we were thrilled to learn that Sato was celebrating Read Across America and Dr. Seuss’s birthday, with a spirit week. We set right to work brainstorming ideas for the theme each day, and it was fun to see the excitement in my daughter’s eyes while we were planning and creating together. We didn’t let the inclement weather get us down, but instead we wore our creations at home on the “snow days”, and to my daughter’s delight, I got to dress up, too! The whole week was fun, but the Parade of Books on Friday was extra special for Ryann because she got to “see all the characters come to life” from the favorite books of her peers and teachers. Ryann chose to represent the adorable Whatif monster from one of her favorite books, Jonathan James and the Whatif Monster. She loves the book because it teaches children not to be afraid to try new things, and how to cope with worries and doubt. It was wonderful to see the teachers and staff participate in fun activities to encourage reading and a love of books. I appreciate that we, as a community, understand the importance and value of reading, and are raising readers together!

- Briana Song
Briana and Paul have two children, one in kindergarten and one future raccoon. They’ve lived in the Bethany area for 6 years and Portland for over 20.