Books + Art = STEAM

The past couple of weeks, the kids have been creating winter scenes to decorate the library. After being inspired by a winter story, Ms. Fry, our Library Media Assistant, has led each grade in a special art project such as “melting snowmen” and using bubble wrap to make snowy trees.

Tying art to literature encourages students to make text to world connections that boost reading comprehension and are a key component of literacy. As young students manipulate a paintbrush and scissors they improve the fine motor skills they need for writing and keyboarding. By counting pieces they are practicing the basics of math. As they experiment with art materials they are dabbling in science. Sharing community supplies fosters the development of social skills. By focusing on the art process rather than the finished product, I hope to encourage students to manage risk, try new things, accept failure, practice inventiveness, and become creative problem solvers. - Tammy Fry, LMA