Cultural Night In The Works!

SECO is planning a Cultural Night on Friday, May 4, and we are looking for a few good people to make a booth about a country of your choice. You may have particular family ties to the country or maybe it’s just someplace you’ve always dreamed of visiting!  In particular, we are looking for someone(s) to represent China, Japan or Korea.  But we still need help with others and could always use ideas!

We’re thinking each “station” could have a game or activity particular to that country, a snack or food item for people to try, native decorations, a list and pictures of famous people from the country, plus a flag and a map. Children will have a punch card to fill by doing or tasting something at each station. For entertainment, we’d like to invite some dance troupes or other performers. 

Do you have any other ideas or resources for us to make this night special?  Please let us know at  Thanks!