OBOB Winners!

Congratulations to all of our OBOB participants who enjoyed reading and battling throughout January and February and a huge thank you to the volunteers who made it possible! A special shout out goes to the winners of each Sato bracket:

3rd grade winners: "Phoenix Wings of Fire" 
Nivi Sathish Kumar
Alivia Duan
Siddharth Anand
Nicole DiMatteo
Nikolai Sokolov

4/5th grade winners: "Li'l Mooers" 
Avin Konda
Pranav Preeth
Christopher Fang
Ishaan Khambhampdi

Lil' Mooers represented our school at regionals on March 10 where they advanced to finals and placed third in a field 21 teams, losing to OES in the quarter-finals. OES, always a formidable OBOB opponent, will represent our region at the state tournament April 7.

Way to go, Sato!

Tammy Fry
Substitute LMA