Fifth Graders Build a Boat!

Fifth Graders Build a Boat!

Fifth graders finished up three weeks with the Wind and Oar Boat School School workshop on-site.  This program was made possible by a grant from the Wind and Oar Boat School and Genentech.  During the program, students rotated between three stations which involved basic boat geometry and blueprint plans, using hand saws and power tools (such as jigsaws and power screwdrivers) and applying mathematical concepts (fractions, units of measurement).  In addition to a full-scale rowboat, students made individual model boats as well.

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Raccoon Write-Off!

Our big fundraiser for the year has kicked off! Yes, the Raccoon Write-Off is back! This year, if every student donates $35, we will easily hit our goal of $20,000 - and Principal Pleau has agreed to let the kids have a Pajama Day if we beat last year's total! You can find more information below and can donate via the button on our website, by submitting a check with the included form, or by donating through your employer’s matching program. Employee matching programs are a great way to help us double our funds! Please let us know if you donate through your employer so that we can track your donation towards our goal. Thanks for all you do!

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