Running Club


Running club is a great way for kids who love to run to get together and move!

UPDATE! Running Club is weather permitting. If the temperature is below 40 degrees or it is raining, Running Club will be cancelled. Please do not drop your children off early on these days as there will be no adult supervision. Check our Facebook page or SECO Community Group for the latest updates.

How does the program work? Students run around the track during the time allowed. Each time they complete a lap, a volunteer will mark their mileage club card. When they run their first mile they will receive a wristband. When they run 3 miles they will receive a chain and a token. When they reach 6 and 10 miles they will receive another token for their chain. A special ribbon will be awarded to students who complete a half marathon and a medal will be awarded when a full marathon is complete.

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All students are automatically part of this program. If you're interested in volunteering for Running Club, please log in to and find "Running Club Committee" under "Committee Volunteers."

Learn more about volunteering for Running Club!