Running Club

Tuesday mornings before school from 7:50-8:25  and Thursdays during lunch recess.

Tuesday mornings before school from 7:50-8:25
and Thursdays during lunch recess.


Running clubs give students a chance to grow and thrive in many ways! Studies show if kids are given the opportunity to move their bodies before and during school, they are better prepared to sit down and focus on their academics in the classroom. Exercise can help improve muscle strength, relieve stress, increase energy, and improve self-esteem. According to Multnomah County’s It Starts Here campaign, “physical activity can improve students’ ability to concentrate and pay attention and can improve classroom behavior.” Regular exercise at a young age also fosters lifelong habits that reduce the risk of obesity, diabetes, and heart conditions.

UPDATE! Running Club is weather permitting. If the temperature is below 40 degrees or it is raining, Running Club will be cancelled. Please do not drop your children off early on these days as there will be no adult supervision. Check our Facebook page or SECO Community Group for the latest updates.

How does the program work? Students run around the track during the time allowed. Each time they complete a lap, a volunteer will mark their mileage club card. When they run their first mile they will receive a wristband. When they run 3 miles they will receive a chain and a token. When they reach 6 and 10 miles they will receive another token for their chain. A special ribbon will be awarded to students who complete a half marathon and a medal will be awarded when a full marathon is complete.

Who can participate? Kindergarten through 5th grades may participate, anytime.

How do I sign up? Every student is already a member! All they need to do is show up at the track behind the school during the designated times and there will be a running card waiting for them!

Can I run with my student? We encourage students and siblings to participate. Parents must have completed the volunteer background check to be allowed on the field. Please note, no dogs or other pets are allowed on the field.

Can I walk? Absolutely! Participants may run or walk and are encouraged to go at their own pace. All laps count!

When do you meet? Tuesday mornings before school from 7:50-8:25 and Thursdays during lunch recess. Students may come as often as they want and run/walk for as long or little as they want

Will you hold running club if it is raining? The decision to cancel running club will be made on a week by week basis depending on weather. As a general rule, if it is pouring down heavy rain, running club will be cancelled. Notification will be sent out via email as well as the SECO Facebook page; it is the parents responsibility to check for cancellation notices

How can we help? Parent volunteers are needed for each running club session. Please complete the BSD volunteer background check and sign up on the volunteer web page.

More questions? Contact Lori Tewksbury at

All students are automatically part of this program. If you're interested in volunteering for Running Club, please log in to and find "Running Club Committee" under "Committee Volunteers."

Learn more about volunteering for Running Club!